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AK47 is a light cannabis variety.
It is one of the most appreciated inflorescences in the world of legal hemp for its unmistakable aroma mixed between diesel and fruity and for its high concentration of CBD as well as for its characteristics similar to the THC version.
Winner of several cannabis cups, it has quickly become a reference point for the legal marijuana sector.
It is believed that AK47’s origins date back to Thai and Afghani crosses that originated in the 1970s. The strain, however, only came into the world in the early 90’s and was perfected in 1999.


The inflorescence of AK47 in its legal hemp version develops medium to large and compact buds. Buds are green to dark with a good amount of resin and orange pistils.

Aroma and flavor

The unmistakable aroma of AK47 legal marijuana in its CBD version is earthy, with a strong Diesel connotation. In the mouth it comes with a full taste with spicy notes, spicy and hints of pine and forest.